Notice & Risks

What all you need to know

What can you change?

Edits & More

After April 1st, you are limited 3 times changes from the time you are sent your final draft of your creation. 

Each edit can contain;

- A new job 

-date change 

-description add & change 

-contact info

Any of those all together classifies as one change, once you reach 3 you will be charged an extra amount of $15.

It's important! Help me, help you!

Response Time

Your response times are critical to ensure your creation is made within it's desired time frame. We recommend that you respond within 24 hours from booking your service.

Just to be safe

Job Guarantee

As much as we want to say you're going to get that job, we cannot guarantee that you will. (I know you will) but your new creation doesn't guarantee that. We do have a 90% success rate amongst clients who receive new creations and do get hired at their desired positions. So don't be discouraged, no can be redirection as well.

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