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Hello hunny! Welcome to the page full of my published wonders! Here are all of the books I've published.
All just for you!

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11 Steps of Redirection

A Affirmation Book & Journal

Sometimes you have to stop looking in the mirror and start looking inside of the one looking in the mirror.

Life is a journey, a day-by-day process. You are learning, growing, and expanding daily. But you have to be able to unwind, take a breather, and step back to take it all in.

This 11 Steps of Redirection Book is perfect for the reset you need. Let's recharge and get back focused so you can get closer to achieving all that you have to! You have an amazing purpose and it can be easy to be distracted, unfocused, or swayed from that.

So with your very own book and journal, you can take in all the good stuff and write down your own thoughts so you can reflect. It's really your all in one. Look, you got this, you might need the push so here it is.

Here to you and all you'll accomplish. The time is now.

Your 11 Steps of Redirection Book & Journal, is just waiting for you.

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Everything I Am

A Children's Affirmation Book & Journal

"Everything I Am" is an Affirmations book and journal for Kids. This is a positive way for children to grow and express themselves and their feelings. This book motivates and inspires children to be their best selves while building their confidence and learning/loving who they are.