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Templates & Downloads

Be your own boss and take control of your own future.

This is where you can get started.


Client Welcome Package

Here is BTME's warm welcome. 
Download our client welcome package to learn what all you'll be getting when you book with us.

Client Goodbye Package

They say all good things come to an end, but that doesn't have to be true. 
Download our client goodbye package to learn all you need to know about using  your creations going forward and what to do.

BTME's Resume Template

It's time to build your resume!
If you never had one or want to rebuild yours feel free to download our free template. 
Click this link to get started.

BTME's Business Plan

Ready to build that business?
Here is our  simple business plan to get you started.

Simple Resume Template

Want to build your own resume?
Here's to being a go getter!
Download this free resume template we made for you to get started.

Minimalistic Resume

Building your resume and need some help? Look no more, here is BTME's personally crafted & sophisticated template for you to download.

Corporate Resume Template

Going into the world of blue collars and never ending meetings? Check out our corporate resume template.

Business Resume Template

Looking to raise the bar? It's time to take on the business world with this creatively crafted resume template.

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