Our Guarantees

Because were here for you


-Updates and changes can only be done by myself on each creation or design.

After April 1st, you are limited 3 times changes from the time you are sent your final draft of your creation. 

Each edit can contain;

- A new job 

-date change 

-description add & change 

-contact info

Any of those all together classifies as one change, once you reach 3 you will be charged an extra amount of $15.


We are reasonable and want to make sure you receive your quality creation within a timely manner. With that being said our standard turn around time for our resumes & cover letters are 3-4 business days after you book your consultation.
*DISCLAIMER* In order to ensure your creation is made within a desired time frame response times and requested documents must be sent over within a 24 hour time period.


When you book a resume creation, you will receive one template of our choosing with the appropriate color scheme we feel that would best fit you. But, we want you to love your resume so if you happen to see one of our previously used templates and would like that, tell us! You can pick up to 3 colors that you would like on your resume as well. We are here to help and will suggest, but this is you're creation so we let you be the boss.


When you book with us to make your creation we use our expertise, experience and knowledge to ensure you are getting the best quality product possible. We will change wording, formatting, presentation and color schematics as we feel necessary. If there are any questions or concerns please always let me know! I like to keep an open line of communication with my clients because this is yours!

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